1. loflyby

    Solve Green Screen and Freeze Up Problems

    I used an iPad mini 2nd generation to fly a Phantom 4 and started to have recurrent problems while flying. Mainly two problems, screen freeze up and screen turned all green. I did all kind of things to resolve the problems, for instance I unloaded all the applications and few photos I had in the...
  2. J

    Oof, I'm Stumped

    I've got a problem with phantom 1, when I connect a battery to my drone it flashes red, yellow, and green and my drone does not respond to my controller. I tried using the Naza mv2 assistance, however, i could not connect my drone to the program itself. I made sure to install the driver needed...
  3. Djud

    Tint balance (green/pink) is changing wrongly

    In the last couple of aerial filmings with my P3P I noticed that the balance of green/pink is changing during the filming (same for the video and photo). Even the location and weather situation didn't change at all (sunny day without the clouds at high noon) the tint balance drastically changed...
  4. Ozz

    Green Purple Glitchy FPV on Phantom 4

    Bought a used P4, tested ok at the time on IPhone - but I am having possible issues now when i try use Android... The screen is glitchy, especially when close by - and it can actually reboot the whole phone if you try to do anything fancy like "point of interest". I get a reception like the...
  5. J


    Short one this week, but a cool place to fly!
  6. N

    The Jalapeño In The Colorado

  7. E

    Ipad 2 transmission glitch interference

    Im set up my new p4 on the Dji Go app with an ipad 2 and the video transmission looks with green lines, some delay and distortion but when I conect it with my iphone 6s the transmision looks perfect, with no lines or delay. I tried with my brothers ipad and occurs the same. What could be doing...
  8. mitchell Guthrie

    Hard crash P3 Std. - Constant red\yellow\green

    Crashed hard into a tree, camera got ripped off, props all broke, drone fell to the ground and motors would not stop turning. Ended up having to pull the battery and got the tops of my knuckles chopped off in the process! When powering up now I get the normal tone then constant red\yellow\green...
  9. B

    Camera issues after 1.06.0040 firmware update

    After updating my P3P to the 1.06.0040 firmware, my drone's camera is having a serious issue. All I am able to see are green bars. Underneath the bars, I can faintly see the actual camera image, so I know it isn't completely messed up. Also, when I switch to video mode, it is fine. I've...
  10. A

    Interesting info HealthyDrones brought to my attention

    I have only flown in my backyard and within a 300 foot radius (yes, very conservative so far). When I loaded my telemetry into HealthyDrones I found something strange (at least I think so). I uploaded 6 flights and the first and last flights show sensor data all in the red, while the middle 4...
  11. P

    What does this light sequence mean?

    I am getting the following light sequence after 15 no problem flights. 2 long red light flashes followed by 4 short green flashes. It has happened every flight since. Full satellite count. Did IMU recal successfully. Flying in the same location I have since I bought it. Does anyone know what...