1. Wjm

    Greek - Santorini

    Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean Sea. It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago, which bears the same name and is the remnant of a volcanic caldera. Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on...
  2. P

    Santorini, Greace - my tips and video

    Hi guys, I wanted to share with you my tips regarding flying on Santorini Island and also my video. I didn't experience any issue, people seem to be ok with drones. I was trying not to bother other tourists/locals with my drone - when flying at the most crowded place on Santorini - Oia, I woke...
  3. Moses B.

    The Sea 3

    Hello from Greece ,this this my third video about the sea . Any comments or suggestions , are welcome . Thank you for watching .
  4. Mimis Simos

    Greece drone rules - DAGR

    Hello all, this is an information post regarding drone rules in Greece. The only official source regarding drone flying in Greece is Hellenic CAA's Drone Aware - GR (also called DAGR, website: From the application intro: Drone Aware - GR (DAGR) is a real-time UAS (drone)...
  5. Supermofo

    Corfu / Greek laws for recreational safe and sensible drone use???

    Title pretty much says what I'm looking to find out... Got a trip booked for Sept and thought about taking P3A for some genuine landscape photography etc.. nothing dangerous, just some safe use away from people with line of site etc.. Basically everything that should be done when flying a...
  6. U

    Greece - Skopelos travelling with P3P

    Hi all, Travelling from the UK (Gatwick) and hoping to take my P3P. Fly to Skiathos then little ferry around to Skopelos. Would appreciate advice. Planning to take the bird in carry-on rucksack (the DJI one). Put two batteries (and OSMO batteries) in LiPo bag. Best place for RC to be...
  7. Photocopter

    Phantom 4 Pro - Santorini Island

    Hi Guys! This is my very first video (generally I use drone for photography). Shot with P4 Pro, post processed with Final Cut Pro X. Due to a very windy weather, a lot of footage was unusable - on the other hand that taught me a lot too. All the comments, tips and critique very welcome! PS...
  8. P

    Flying In Rhodes

    Hi I'm off to Rhodes in a few weeks and thinking of taking my Phantom 4 Pro. Anyone offer general advise on transporting the drone on flight?. I have Lipo bag for batteries and considering packing in suitcase for hold. Also does anyone have any advise On restrictions if any on Rhodes for flying...
  9. K

    Δήλωση ΣμηΕΑ στην Ελλάδα, Greece

    Μήπως έχει κάποιος δηλώσει το phantom 3 ή 4 στο Υ.Π.Α. ; Στο site του Υ.Π.Α. δεν έχει σαφείς οδηγίες για το πώς να συμπληρώσεις την αίτηση για το drone. Ξέρει κανένας τπτ;
  10. Best of Crete - Greece 2016 - YouTube

    Best of Crete - Greece 2016 - YouTube

    A short film showing the some of most amazing parts of Crete, Greek Island. Most of the shots are filmed with DJI Phantom 3 and Panasonic Lumix FZ 1000.
  11. bernek

    Flying in Greece - need some information

    Hey guys, If anyone from Greece can give me some tips about the regulations of flying in Rhodos (Greece) would be great ! I'm going on a vacation with my family and I plan on bringing my P2V with me :) I will be flying with Aegean Airlines hope to have no problems with carry on the Phantom. I...
  12. Billzness Adventures

    JetSurf in Greece with Dji phantom

    Hello Check my new video, If you like please subscribe to my Youtube channel
  13. carlsagan

    Crashed PS3 After 4 months - my tribute video (includes crash at the end)

    Purchased the PS3 Pro at the end of July. Took it on a road trip across the USA, then 2 months in Greece and Europe. Here is my tribute video, try not to shed a tear, she had a good run.
  14. wdejager

    Highlights of Lesvos (Greece)

    It's already a couple of months ago that I visited the island of Lesvos, in Greece. I took my then brand new Phantom 3 Professional with me to create a couple of shots. Back home I compiled a short video that contains the highlights of this trip. The editing was done with iMovie on a Mac.
  15. A

    My first aerial video (i need Feedback)

    This is my first aerial video ,shot with p3 professional i loved it so far but i believe i got a lot to learn especially in the movement area . I would like some feedback so i can learn from my mistakes . Thank you for your time.