gps signal loss

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    GPS Signal lost, Switched to ATTI Mode, Flew the drone home

    I flew my drone in the coast and tried to take some photo of a small island. It is only about 300m direct distance from home point, and about 3500m to a military NFZ (see the figure in red square, blue is military NFZ). Drone was taken off smoothly with GPS level about 14. I started to fly to...
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    GPS signal losing

    Hello everyone! I'm flying with my Phantom 4 advanced and enjoy it very much. However last couple flights were not successful and I almost lost/crashed my drone. Because of GPS signal that was losing after around 15 seconds of flight, the the Phantom 4 was switched into ATTI mode and no...
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    Almost had a fly-away with my P3P. Why??

    was flying in my usual spot at the end of my entrance on the road. There are 4 heavy electrical wires above the entrance but I never fly over the wires. I always stay clear and fly the other way for the last year and a half. Never had a problem. Tonight, after confirming GPS location I went...
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    P4P anyone having problems with GPS signal loss, and going into attimode all the time when flying?

    I keep losing GPS signal when flying, and goes into atti mode. did firmware update , imu and compass calibration