1. R

    Hi, i'm new here!

    Hi everyone, i've just dipped my toes into drone filming and FPV and all my google searches looking for answers to my questions seem to point to this forum which is very helpful! I thought i'd join up and participate and hopefully find some help with my setup. I'm from Leeds UK and i'm...

    Ragecams 5.4mm flat lens for GoPro Hero 3+ or 4

    I purchased a Ragecams 5.4mm flat lens for my gopro, but didn't end up installing it as I moved away from the gopro system. This lens will remove the typical GoPro fish eye look, and give you some unreal photos and video. Read more about it here: 5.4mm Flat Lens No Fish Eye For...
  3. Specialist

    Advance v Pro - Camera Options

    Hi There, i'm looking to purchase a DJI 3 after many weeks of deliberation. I guess my question is ... is the Pro really worth an extra £250 ? It seems quite a lot of money for a faster charger and a 4k camera that only shoots at 30fps. Has anyone compared both camera ? I'll be using the...
  4. K

    Bungee jumping seen from Phantom 2

  5. D

    What's my options?

    Currently have Phantom 2 with H4-3D gimbal, want to be able to fly with realtime views on IPhone/IPad, what's my best option is it buy Lightbridge 2 controller (expensive) or do I upgrade to Phantom 3 Advanced or is their a better option available?
  6. Sam_M19

    GoPro and DJI Phantom 1.1.1

    Hello, I am fairly new to world of Quadcopters . I have flown RC Airplanes and Driven RC Cars for several years. I love these Quadcopter's. I recently acquired a DJI Phantom 1.1.1 Quadcopter. I have flown it several times and now I'm looking to put my GoPro Hero 4 Silver on the Phantom. My...
  7. nperic

    Gimbal for Phantom1 and Gopro 4 Silver?

    Hi everyone, as the topic says, I'm searching for a good gimbal for my Phantom 1 using a GoPro 4 Silver. I've been reading that some gimbals are specially built for Gopro 3 or Gopro 4 black, I thought that the gimbal mechanism would stabilise any camera :p Could yo recommend a gimbal that will...