gopro hero 4

  1. Green Phantom

    GoPro Hand Slap - Fun Video

    my latest GoPro video What you think
  2. M

    Bought 2nd hand with no instructions so no idea what to do now

    So, I took the plunge and bought a kit/ bundle from Ebay, to attach my Gopro 4 to: Phantom 2 with h3-2d gimbal and Black Pearl monitor. I have downloaded the DJI manual as best as I can, and so far have managed to get it to fly (up and down). No signal to the FPV- this I understand is an...
  3. xrayblaster

    Dropping in my 30+ highly edited Phantom 2 Videos Gopro4 Black - what do you think?

    Here's my full playlist of all my highly edited drone videos Fully Edited 28 Video Drone Playlist Link HERE about 85 full minutes of highly edited drone footage

    Ragecams 5.4mm flat lens for GoPro Hero 3+ or 4

    I purchased a Ragecams 5.4mm flat lens for my gopro, but didn't end up installing it as I moved away from the gopro system. This lens will remove the typical GoPro fish eye look, and give you some unreal photos and video. Read more about it here: 5.4mm Flat Lens No Fish Eye For...
  5. Ivan Gavancho

    Dji Phantom 2 / Gopro Hero 4 demo

    Pictures taken in Cusco and Arequipa - Perú Setup: Gimbal Tarot Fpv Kumbacam Gopro Hero 4 Silver Phantom 2 with T-Motor, Anti static compass v2