gopro hero 4 black

  1. R

    Possibly a common question but I cant find anything

    Hey guys. I'm a new member and new to the drone game (so new that I haven't even bought one yet) but I've got a question about whether the Phantom 3 is the right option for me. I see nothing wrong with it for what I want to use it for. It seems amazing but since I already have a GoPro 4 Black...
  2. Mako79

    P2VPlus with H3-3D 1.0 and GoPro 4 Hero Black

    Sounds like a Frankenstein of a machine. There is going be a very small window of users who have done this mod. It's the GoPro + H3-3D mod where you can still use the DJI Vision App. DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Plus 2.4ghz Wifi Module - wiring diagram / camera connection - Page 17 - RC Groups This...