go app issue after last firmware update

  1. Booyah89

    Firmware failure and No Connection to Go App

    I have a phantom 3 standard and it will not connect to the DJI Go app, I have tried everything, uninstalling/reinstalling, tried various tablets and phones, no luck. I just attempted to update to the newest firmware using an SD card and the update failed. Now, I am not sure what direction I...
  2. wataero

    Bugs in P4P+ Firmware Update to v01.02.00.00/GO app 4.1.4

    If you turned on your P4P+ and got a message that an update is available, download or wait, I'd advise picking the wait option until tech phone support is available and you have several hours to wait on the phone and do resets. On this one the update completed just fine, the bugs bit...
  3. Patrick Pedersen

    Can I downgrade to the previous firmware?Signal loss but only the image,RC still working as normal.

    Hi again you all, I 'm now starting to panic a lot, got a job this weekend were I'll be flying over a 60 meter high bridge and 700 meter downwards and over an old town and back. After I updated the firmware in both the camera, the RC and the drone itself I've been having some real problem due...