1. B

    Glitchy image transmission - Ipad Mini 2

    Hi all, Im having a very glitchy feed with my ipad mini 2. It works better with my iPhone 6. I have all apps closed and background app refresh off as well as airplane mode enabled. I was looking for the hardware decode option but it appears it is no longer a setting in DJI GO. Does anyone have...
  2. CrazyEye

    Video Feed Freezing - Any one else get this?

    Ever since I upgraded my tablet to a recommended one on DJI's list I have had the app freeze up on video input and not display a streaming video. For example, when I was at wheel of misfortune; I'm doing a circle above it looking down and next thing I know is I'm "not" moving. Its only showing...
  3. D

    Camera/video difficulty

    Camera is slightly tilted on all stills. Also video is glitchy most of the time. Firmware is updated.