1. I

    Litchi is the killer of the drones

    This is the video how I’ve lost drone because of Litchi application. The flight was hold in FPV mode in VR glasses on Phantom 3 Standard. Remote Controller was in F mode.When drone flew on 1000 m the link was lost and RTH mode didn’t work. Drone stayed at the same place till the battery wasn’t...
  2. PVFlyer

    FPV Camera (iOS app) supports P3 Standard/4K now

    FPV Camera v3.0 is released and officially support P3 Standard/4K. It consists of multiple in-app purchase add-ons including Mission Planner (multi-POI waypoint, orbit & panorama), FPV Goggles and Flight Log.
  3. TrumperyDusk

    Epson Moverio BT-200 for Sale!!!

    I purchased this for use in my P2V "Phantom II Vision Drone/UAV. It allows you to experience flight through it's FPV function. Unlike other FPV Goggles on the market such as "Fat-Shark", this unit allows you to see as a Fighter Pilot would use in a HUD "Heads Up Display" Keeps bird in LOS. Also...