1. T

    Weird "Glow" "Reflection" "Glare" in footage

    I noticed this weird glow / glare in my footage, happens in almost all my footage since the beginning. It's not the ND filters, same happens with the stock protective cap. I will try to see if the same happens without the protective cap. Is like if there's a problem to the sensor or a...
  2. cut-n-crash

    to help with glare on iPhone while flying

    my son was complaining that he it was very difficult to see his phone 6s plus screen while flying in bright sunlight. I have a Magmod snoot and thought it might work for this purpose. He said it worked great so I thought I would pass it on...
  3. P

    iPad mini 4 or iPad Pro 9.7 or iPad Air?

    Hi all, I know there's been a few threads on this already, but I'm looking for a few specific answers and hope you can help! I would like to upgrade from using my iPhone 6 as the screen on the remote to something a bit bigger where I can see more details and frame my shots better. - Which...
  4. J

    Glare and clarity issues

    I am not a photographer and barely into drone flying. I shot a video (link below) where the clouded sun was facing the camera lens at about 15 seconds in. The subject of this video (a train locomotive) was then dark and lower clarity than I felt it should be. Should I get a lens filter to...
  5. Skyler King III

    iPad Mini "hood / sunshade" falls off with the iPad Mini (P4)

    I have a hood / sunscreen for my iPad mini (I have a Phantom 4). Several times now it's fallen off with the iPad Mini. Yes, I make sure it (seems) tightly clamped down, but usually when I tis the controller to keep antenna pointed and lined up properly, the iPad et al falls out. I am looking...
  6. DJI Lens Flare

    DJI Lens Flare

    My P3 Pro has had this ugly lens flare since I got it about 9 months ago. whenever its pointed in the direction of the sun i get it. Cleaned the lens many times and it makes no difference. Would like to get more creative photos of sunset or rises but cant with this issue,or is this normal behavior?
  7. MoOriginal

    DJI Backpack - foam/styro damage

    Cautionary tale. Dont pull the dji case towards you by gripping the foam cut out to pull it towards you. I inadvertently just did this and the foam/styrofoam broke from my fingers... So my question is this now - is there a way to fix the styrofoam - the stuff doesnt look like foam insert but...
  8. jimerb

    Making a Glare Guard For Your Phone Out of Cardboard?

    Has anyone ever tried making a glare guard to shield your phone from glare while you're flying? I have an IPhone 6S Plus with a Otterbox defender case (encases the screen) and all of the stock glare guards i've been looking for on Amazon don't seem to fit a big phone spec like that. I'm...