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    phantom 4 yaw motor issue

    I am having a problem with the yaw motor on my phantom 4. it's kind of free moving as if the motor isn't controlling it. It happens when hovering, flying straight, turning, ascending, descending, just not when it's sitting still like the other posts I've seen. I can post video of this occurring...
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    Gimbal Dance Problem

    I took my Phantom 3 Pro out yesterday, like any usual day. I prepped it and what not, and when i turned it on it did a weird dance as you'll see in the video. I flew out and did a rotation (yaw) a bit quickly, and the gimbal tried to follow it, repositioned with the drone, and went crooked i...
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    Gimbal yaw motor problem

    Any solution for gimbal yaw problem motor overload? Yaw gimbal shaking right to left