gimbal guard

  1. KB_Colorado

    Phantom 4 Pro – Gimbal Guard Causing Flying Errors

    Phantom 4 Pro – Flying Errors with Gimbal Guard I wanted to make you aware of a significant problem that I have seen with my Phantom 4 Pro. I upgraded from the P4 to the Pro, and moved the gimbal guard to it as soon as I received it (It is a standard looking thin, carbon fiber guard). I...
  2. Coleza

    Adventure: Combined Gimbal Guard and All-Terrain Landing Gear

    Carrying around a landing pad can get cumbersome, especially while backcountry hiking in Myanmar or just packing light on your flight to Lake Garda. And a busted camera from a wonky landing in the rocks will just make your whole kit a backpack of useless luggage for the rest of the trip. Those...
  3. SoCalDude


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  4. Robert Melb FL

    Phantom 4 added weight

    Does anybody know the maximum weight you could add to your P-4 . Example GPS tracker, gimbal guard and so forth. Before you affect performance? Thanks in advance
  5. M

    Best gimbal guard?

    Im looking for a lightweight gimbal guard. I was looking at the Polar Pro one but have read that it interferes with the gimbal start up process. Anyone using these? How do they affect flight?
  6. H

    New Gimbal Lock and Gimbal Guard from Polar Pro

    Hey guys, just wanted to show you some images of the new Polar Pro Gimbal Lock and Gimbal Guard for the Phantom 3. Note: The Gimbal Lock / Filter Protector is suited more towards Phantom 3's which have the Polar Pro Filters attached. Using it without a Polar Filter means there is a little gap...