gimbal fix

  1. R


    Hi all, This might help someone. Recentley it started to happen, that my DJI Phantom 3 Professional Camera started to shake. I tried to tighten the screw on the main shaft, but that didn´t helped. The problem was, (for everybody else that you will find solution faster) screw on the camera...
  2. dynamic3dSolutions

    Phantom 3 Rubber Gimbal locks & lens cover. No scratch. PolarPro

    Dji Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced Rubber Gimbal Lock & Lens Cover - All In One ! No scratching. Dji doesn't ship the phantom 3 with any kind of lens protector to protect the expensive camera lens from dust or scratches! & The stock gimbal lock is a pain & any lens cap you buy and put on...
  3. R

    Grey and Black Cable snapped from unit to Gimbal help

    Hi all, new to the forum and would love some advice. Unfortunately the Dji had a confrontation with a tree and fell rather badly where the gimbal broke away from the main unit. Thankfully the camera is fine but the grey and black cable snapped from the unit. They are still attached(i.e. Not...
  4. carty87

    Gimbal dies after 10 seconds

    Hi. My phantom 3 gimbal is not responding. It switches on when i boot the quad, does the POST, after 10 seconds it stops working. I also can't see picture on the Dji App during the time it's on. Any known solutions to this problem?
  5. B

    Phantom 3 Professional after Crash Issues

    So i Crashed my phantom 3 and replaced all the broken parts. The internals looked pretty good, replaced all cables including the ribbon cable, now when I turn on my p3 the gimbal and camera do absolutely nothing. Took everything apart again and made sure all connections were tight, screws were...