gimbal can't initialise

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    Gimbal "Hardware Malfunction" message

    Fellows, Trying to change some settings as gimbal roll speed, the Gimbal suddenly stops to respond the gimbal dial button. Now, the drone initialize, the gimbal goes up, down, and there it stops. On the general screen, clicking on the first line of firmware, a message appears: "Hardware...
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    Camera image but no gimble controll

    Hey guys need some help with my phantom 4 adv. Last night I had thieves stealing sheep from me. So I tried to catch them red handed with my drone. I thought it would be safer filming these guys because they could be armed. What I did I put shock sensors on my fence a little spotlight on my...
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    after dunking, P4 gimbal initialisation goes crazy

    I managed to land in the only bit of water for miles around. Totally submerged for about a minute. After a day of TLC all seems good except that upon switching on, the gimbal goes crazy. The camera is recording OK during this phase and the motors all fire up. It maybe I need to wait longer for...