gimbal calibration

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    Firmware ? HELP!!!

    Where can I send my son's P3 advanced to be fixed. He had to have the gimbal re-threaded & now gets Aircraft, Battery, & Gimbal update firmware warnings. We live in upstate NY (Albany) Thanks,
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    Gimbal SUPER hot, won't calibrate, freaks out, shakes violently

    Hello all, Been a lurker for sometime and love the posts. Registered today since it's time.....Sorry ahead of time for the long post, I wanted to be thorough in an effort to help you help me. As the title states, I've tried everything to get my gimbal to work on my Phantom 3 Adv. I flew it a...
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    Phantom 3 Pro Gimbal Yaw Issue After Crash

    So I have never had any issues with my Phantom 3 Pro before, but the other day I was at the top of a hike and bringing my P3P back to me after getting a few shots. I was on a fairly tall rock and the P3P was below me as I was pulling it back home. When it got very close to me, I let go of the...
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    Gimbal Issue

    I am having issue with my gimbal staying level. I am wondering if anyone else has the problem and if they found any fixes. The gimbal seams to constantly change its tilt to the horizon especially after tilting the gimbal. I can yaw the drone around and the level changes as it goes around. I...
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    Off Axis Gimbal Tilt P4

    What's up guys? I'm getting about a 2 degree off axis gimbal tilt consistently during my first 15 flights using the P4. Any suggestions on how to counteract this? I have seen some suggestions of re calibrating the IMU and Gimbal, but for some reason they both read 'Normal' in the Status Menu...