gimbal bent

  1. D

    Phantom 3 Professional With GoPro Mount

    Hello to all of my Phantom Pilots, I come to you all seeking advice I have recently crash my Phantom 3 4k Professional and bent the gimbal. Now every time that I fly it the images and videos are crooked at an angle. I'm thinking of replacing the entire gimbal with a new one to fit my GoPro Hero...
  2. I

    P4P Part's for sale

    Hi Guys, I'm currently selling the following P4P OEM parts from my drone with less then 25 flights (You can read my story below on how it happened and why). See all the listings here: gran_isai on eBay Happy to answer any questions or provide more detail about the parts. So here's my story...
  3. AngelPilot4u

    Tips and tricks to camera repair

    Tips, tricks and small trade secrets to repairing your own camera .... Steps to repair a damaged camera for all Phantom 3 types | Jogjasky
  4. R

    P3 advanced gimbal bent?

    hi there does anybody know how i could straighten this gimbal or what i could do to fix it? camera is working but i never checked to see how bent the horizon actually is. had a minor crash today
  5. pete76uk

    Gimbal wobble after crash

    Hi everyone I'm really hoping someone can help me I had a low altitude crash from about 10ft and now there is a noticeable wobble on video. If you turn volume loud you can hear the vibration and see it on the top plate (one with the light on) It also does it with no props on...
  6. D

    P3P Roll Arm Removal

    My gimbal roll arm is bent, I might need to buy a new roll arm and replace it. I might be able to just bent this one back, we'll see. How do you remove the roll arm from the yaw arm? Anyone have info or videos, was trying to find one on YouTube. I hear it's stuck together by magnets, but seams...