1. C


    I just have to post this. I avoid forums as they are usually full of illiterate nerds using foul language & insulting each other. I joined this one as a newbie drone flier [P3S UK based, aged 71] because I want to be a responsible flier & pick up useful advice. I have to say that I have learned...
  2. S

    How to Build Casey Neistat's Human Lifting Drone

    Hello, I just recently watched Casey Neistat's video titled, "HUMAN FLYING DRONE" (). I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on how they built that and got it to operate in such a smooth way. What do you guys thing the budget was? Thanks.
  3. N

    Advice on which drone to start off with

    Hi; I'm about to buy a drone with a budget of up to 1500 AUD I am looking at a refurbished Phantom 3 or 4, or a Mavic or a Spark to start off. I haven't flown R/C for some time and would like some opinions as to which model of DJI drones to start off with. Cheers
  4. easttxturtle

    Internal Blinking Light & Camera Issue

    I cant figure out why my camera is facing the wrong direction nor can I figure out what the blinking light is inside my p3p The outer shell was recently replaced and the gimble was as well. below are pics as well as a copy of the .txt file from the "hidden" log folder. Also in the text files one...
  5. R

    DJI Community Research

    Hello there! We are students from the University of Oklahoma, and we are conducting a DJI pilot research experiment. If you are a DJI pilot and want a chance to win a $25 dollar Amazon gift card, please fill out our 5 minute survey and leave your email at the end. Contact me at...