galaxy tab s2

  1. kilhan

    Problem with launching Litchi on Galaxy Tab S2

    I have problems with launching Litchi on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (even after uninstalling DJI GO 4). When I start RC and my Phantom 4 Pro and plug USB cable, Litchi always starts (is set as default), but showing the state DISCONNECTED permanently. Then I must restart Android, and often it is...
  2. P

    Tablet Galaxy Tab S2 don't recognice the Remote Control.

    Yesterday I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet for use with my Drone Phantom 3 Advanced. When I follow the procedure to connect to Remote Control doesn't go to "Camera" mode and therefore I can not use it. I don't know if the DJI app is the reason or in fact the Tablet S2 compatibility. I...
  3. A

    How do I get my Galaxy Tab S2 to connect?

    After a search I couldn't find a conclusive answer to this question. I put the tablet in Airplane Mode and I cannot get the remote to connect (How To Connect is all I get). I had been using an HTC One M8 and had to place it in USB Debugging Mode. I can't find that setting on the Tab S2 to try...