galaxy s7

  1. D

    Tablet Issues With Phantom 4 Pro (I tried to be descriptive, little wordy)

    I am very new to DJI products. I have been using Draganfly drones over the past few months with the college I attend, however, recently I purchased a Phantom 4 Pro+. The controller it came with does not support 3rd party apps (dronedeploy, Pix4d, ect...) but works very well with the built-in DJI...
  2. SkyRenderMedia

    Flying Blind

    Hello all. I have a Galaxy S7 edge. When flying, the screen is so dark I am basically flying blind. I have tried a sunshade and also tried making sure my birghtness is turned all the way up and not set on auto. Has anyone else run into this? If so, what do you recommend? Thanks in advance.
  3. R


    I have a Phantom 3 Professional. All is good so far, but having some "disconnect" issues with my Samsung Gallaxy 5S. It about 2 years old and I feel like the charge connection is maybe a little over used (loss fitting). About to upgrade to a Galaxy 7S, and have seen some articles about Samsung...
  4. Rance

    Is anyone successfully using a Galaxy s7?

    I've heard lots of mixed reviews about the s7 compatibility and performance. Already assuming I have changed to MTP mode, what can i expect? (other than a small screen) I'm doing my best to not break down and buy an iPad right off the bat. Also, has anyone had much luck with some of the newer...
  5. Railfan-Eric

    phone screen too dark

    Anybody else having trouble getting a good shutter speed because the phone screen is too dark? my friend always overexposes his videos because he says his screen isn't bright enough. His is a iphone 6+. mine is a Galaxy S7 and with the AMOLED screen making shadows or low light really dark i...