1. SoCalDude

    More from my Huntington Beach Pier Collection...

    Huntington Beach Pier ...
  2. SoCalDude

    Lexus NX Turbo - Through the Eyes of a Drone

    Want to see a Lexus NX Turbo like never before seen? Here's what the NX looks like through the eyes of my drone. This video was captured by my DJI Phantom 4 in 4K resolution on December 4, 2016
  3. SoCalDude

    Huntington Harbour (Huntington Beach, CA)

    I flew Huntington Harbour this evening. While I'm post-processing the video, enjoy this photograph from the operation ...
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    My First "Sub-Altitude" Flight (negative altitude)

    It's a strange feeling when you see your altimeter display a negative altitude! LOL! I was at -20 meters (or negative 65 feet) for a good portion of my flight and was up as high as over 45 meters (almost 149 feet). By the way, as a new pilot, I'm attempting to build up my YouTube channel...
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    Huntington Beach Pier (California)

    The HB Pier is always a good video opportunity ...
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    Watch as Bees Attack My Drone in Mid-Flight!

    Watch as a swarm of bees are attacking my drone, 40 meters in the air! My drone (DJI Phantom 4) survived unscathed, except for some blood and guts on the fuselage, battery, and propellers—that were easily wiped clean.
  7. SoCalDude

    My Brand New Phantom 4 (with video)

    I'm new to drones, and this is my first video from my brand new Phantom 4.