1. M

    Phantom 4 advanced vs pro

    Which one do you prefer?
  2. odannyj

    How kids react to my drone

  3. adventurecampitelli

    Zip Lining Canada

  4. N

    Huntington Beach/Surfing Drone Footage (PHANTOM 4)

  5. TiminSac

    Flyby of Raley Field.

    Here is a small video of our local minor team field and a shot of the Tower Bridge. This video was a lot longer but I edited out the boring stuff.
  6. N

    First MTB + P3 4k ride this season!

  7. Z

    Learning to stay calm when people are watching?

    I've had my P3P for around 4 months now and I noticed after flying many times by myself that I am generally very calm and everything is smooth as hell. But when I show people what I am doing they all freak out like holy crapy this thing is amazing! Obviously I showboat it because it truly is an...