1. P

    Advanced Fixing Phantom 3 A Roll Arm

    Hey all! Recently purchased a roll arm replacement part from fstoplabs after I stupidly forced the craft down and left wayyy too hard after a small gust of wind, which resulted in a broken prop and a broken roll arm. (Pics below) I cannot for the life of me find how to repair this however...
  2. tml4191

    Fstop Lab's 4 Watt Booster for your P3/ P4 $250== NOW $175 Free Shipping

  3. tml4191

    The Brand New Booster from FSTOPLABS P3P Preview R/C

    I have yet to test this, but here are some preview shots of the portable booster. Right off the bat the LED indicator is aesthetically amazing. The stock cables were used, but a cleaner setup can be acheived with some custom cut cables. This also depends on the booster's placement. Wedged in...