1. Wjm

    France - French Riviera Sunrise

    The French Riviera, known in French as the Côte d'Azur is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France. The French Riviera is a major yachting and cruising area with several marinas along its coast. Please let me know your comments.
  2. dorbot

    France, Recreational Drone Activities

    I live in France and have recently purchased a DJI drone. I want to fly recreationally and I understand that in France, as well as flying in the correct areas and manner with permission in daylight only, you are required to have public liability insurance even for recreational flying. Does...
  3. B

    French Alp Drone Filming

    I recently looked into attaining permission to film with my P4P+ around Tignes and Val d'isere. After multiple phone calls and emails I eventually received this: Hi We thank you for your mail and for your interest in our professional association. Audiovisual production, by RPAS, is possible...
  4. A

    New French Drone laws

    Hello, anyone here who can explain the new French drone laws to a Brit struggling to learn the language? As of today, January 6 2016, a whole range of new rules came into effect. Trying to read the official documents via Google translate is painful in the extreme. I am trying to find out if...