1. loflyby

    Solve Green Screen and Freeze Up Problems

    I used an iPad mini 2nd generation to fly a Phantom 4 and started to have recurrent problems while flying. Mainly two problems, screen freeze up and screen turned all green. I did all kind of things to resolve the problems, for instance I unloaded all the applications and few photos I had in the...
  2. Billmh12

    P4Pro Camera/Video lock up, spin in endless loop, altitude data not updating either ????

    I have a relatively new Obsidian P4Pro. A fair amount of time when I am in picture mode, the button just continues to loop like it is processing a photo. NOrmally you hear the shutter noise and it is ready for the next shot. Mine randomly gets hung up. I try to clear it by pressing on it or just...
  3. G

    DJI Go 4 App Freezes During Flight

    I am flying a Phantom 4 Pro using an iPad mini 4 with cellular service. I have the most recent version of the DJI Go 4 app (4.2.14) on my iPad, and the iPad is updated to the most recent version of iOS. The last 2 sessions I have flown, I have had the app lock up and the camera view freeze...
  4. M

    Severe video lag P3SE

    hello, I’ve posted a while ago a problem with my P3SE, That my video feed has a delay in it and sometimes a delay for over 20 sec/framefreeze. I’m currently in South Africa recording with my drone. But keep having the problem with the delay. So filming is a pain! Anyone any ideas? I’ve...
  5. T

    Problems with DJI GO APP ver. 3.1.5

    Hi! I have the DJI GO APP 3.1.5, RC fw 1.8.0 and P3P fw 1.10.90. But the app just crash almost all the time. When I get it work it sometimes just stop working. When I press the record button on the RC it just freeze. Have anybody the same problems? Or have anyone a solution on this problem?
  6. M

    P4P+ RC freeze GPS lost

    Hello P4P pilots, Yesterday I was doing documentation of a construction site with P4P+. I did use 4 batteries. Last flight was without problems but others were quite bad. Weather was windy and temperature was little bit below freezing point. P4P did lost GPS several times during each 3 flights...