fpv mode not working

  1. EsteeNJ

    2nd P3P arrived today and... DJI Go app won't connect. Help!

    Hi guys and gals- My 2nd P3P arrived today but it wont connect to any of the devices via DJI GO app that my previous P3P (v1.4) would connect to. DJI GO Android v2.2.0, P3P firmware on Samsung Galaxy Edge S6, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and HTC One m7. I have tried un-installing the app...
  2. Kevin Williamson

    P3P Gimbal has no effect in FPV mode!

    Please help! Iv had my P3P since May and in the early firmware versions I could change the follow gimbal mode to FPV to get the banked turn effect during flying. For a while now i've noticed that if I change the Gimbal mode from "follow" to "fpv" it has no effect at all! Iv updated latest...