1. C


    I just have to post this. I avoid forums as they are usually full of illiterate nerds using foul language & insulting each other. I joined this one as a newbie drone flier [P3S UK based, aged 71] because I want to be a responsible flier & pick up useful advice. I have to say that I have learned...
  2. A

    Need help with an editing "Transition"

    Hi im new here and also an amateur dji phantom 3 pilot but im trying to get into it a little more. I am wanting to know if this type of edit would be possible or is it really difficult. I am trying to transition smoothly into a go pro's footage from a dji. I know it sounds crazy but this video...
  3. clackey

    All Spark Discussion Now at

    All Spark discussions should now occur at - SparkPilots - DJI Spark Drone Forum.