1. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Southern Norway - wintershoot

    Hi! Tried some new tricks and development techniques - heres a couple of yestardays clips. Please comment pros and cons - What bitrate do you gous use on 4K editing? This one is filmed with C4K and 75kbps.... Regards!
  2. B

    Drone Tour - Dupont Forrest, NC & Bald Rock, SC

    A brief tour of the mountains of NC/SC, including Dupont Forrest, where "The Hunger Games" was filmed. I'm still working on my color grading skills. The first half not so good, but gets a little better later!
  3. jimerb

    What's your Minimum Altitude Flying Over Generic Trees?

    If you are flying over a bunch of trees that you have not carefully screened one by one (like woods or a Forrest) what altitude won't you fly below? I'm trying to see how much of an altitude wimp I am. I stay at 160 feet or above.