focus phantom 3 pro

  1. johnnyeaker

    Does the focus of my P3Pro Camera seem off?

    It seems to me that the only part of this image that is in focus is the tan buildings on the far left side of the frame. Same to you? Can focus be adjusted? Video seems to be the same - Focus on the left side of frame. I get that its a 2.8 aperture lens but c'mon... Johnny
  2. S

    Focus test

    I'm not happy with the 'sharpness' of my lens/camera, tested with sharpness settings from -3 till +3, no motors running... also took +/- the same shot with a iPhone 6S plus to compare. I'm new to the Phantom / Dji products and expected a beter image quality. What do you think?
  3. R

    Professional Problems with infinity focus - Phantom 3 Professional

    Good night friends. Sorry for my English, because my native language is Portuguese. I will summarize my sad story: in one of the first flights with my new drone, I suffered a small accident, which damaged the flat cable. I sent my drone to a man who said he was doing this kind of maintenance...