focal length

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    Phantom 4 sensor size, focal lenght

    Hi, I searched the internet for info about Phantom 4 sensor size. I need specifically the sensor width as it is required in some photogrammetric software. I found various answers 6.17mm, 6.20mm, 6.24mm, 6.31mm Does anyone know which one is correct? Also the focal length is fixed at 3.61mm but...
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    Focal lenght

    Hi, someone can tell what is the focal lenght of the Phantom 4 Pro?
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    P3S vs P3A Field of View - Not the same!

    I recently bought a P3S, and tried it out. I was surprised at how great the flight characteristics and gimbal were, but also at how terrible the range was - I was getting constant video cutouts and interference warnings at ~100m in wide open parkland in suburbia. I looked into firmware, antenna...