flying in the snow

  1. PhantomWetSuits

    Why you want a Light Bar - Check it out.

    Flying in a light rain with the Phantom Rain Wet Suit and a Light bar. No where near as bright as the lume cubes but, works much better in the wind and provide more of a night light rather than a filming light. Below is a video of the Trauma 1 Wet Suit using the Lume Cubes as to the Eclipse...
  2. PhantomWetSuits

    Snow flake journey all the way to the lake

    Made this for a music challenge using some weird music at This is the Phantom 4 Pro wearing the Phantom Rain Eclipse Wet Suit out for a flight to the lake Erie. Notice how clean the lens is when flying in and out of the flurry, this is do to the wet suit controlling some of...
  3. PhantomWetSuits

    Using the C2 key for Gimbal Drop and Rain X - Outstanding footage

    We have found that Gimbal Drop using the C2 Key extremely useful when filming in extreme weather when paired with the Phantom Rain Wet Suits. just remember to set the speed on the gimbal drop to high speed in the settings. Using the Rain X helps with getting the drops off the lens using the...
  4. PhantomWetSuits

    The Snow Flake vs Phantom 4 pro plus

    This is the Phantom 4 Pro using the Phantomrain Wetsuit. Rain turns to hail and than turns to Snow and than to a blizzard. Confronts strong winds, snow, rain. Approved vendor:
  5. PhantomWetSuits

    New Trauma 1 Phantom Wet Suits - When flying is essential

    New Trauma 1 Phantom Wet Suits: Protects your Phantom 4 Series drone with 2mm of High Density Closed Cell Neoprene for small impacts, Supports the landing gear for 1 hand grabs, Great Visuals in the sky and all packaged in a Water Protection system for you drone and battery. All Wetsuits...
  6. m_dazel

    QUESTION: how cold is to cold to fly..?? and tricks..??..

    ok ok so here it is: so how cold is too cold .. if you have .. what did you learn .. flying in the snow .. tips and tricks...!!! ;-) your belittling of all pilots in this thread .. it is a question to open a discussion based on experience and experiments .. and not what is in the...