fly aways

  1. I

    Almost had a fly-away with my P3P. Why??

    was flying in my usual spot at the end of my entrance on the road. There are 4 heavy electrical wires above the entrance but I never fly over the wires. I always stay clear and fly the other way for the last year and a half. Never had a problem. Tonight, after confirming GPS location I went...
  2. Skyler King III

    Phantom 4 Pro Fly Away on the way ro a Litchi Orbit Mission

    Don't we all like a HAPPY ENDING? I had a flyaway on my Phantom 4 Pro using Litchi, practicing "corkscrew", orbits with increasing radius and altitude. But I didn't get that far. BTW, latest firmware, very recent compass calibration at same point etc. Excellent Weather and KP was 2. It started...
  3. X

    Marco Polo Trackers..... No Cell, No GPS, No Fees, 2 Mile Range

    Fly with peace of mind...... In the event of a fly away the Marco Polo tracker will take over and provide on screen directional info as well as signal strength (1-100) indication. On flat terrain you can expect 2+ miles of range. Take a look at our video of a very wooded rural locate at...