1. X

    Drone doing loop/vault in mid-flight

    Hi, I just had my first flight after repairing the P3 Pro after a crash in november. 3-4 minutes in to the flight, I had this happen to me (see video) Unfortunately, my crash has damaged the USB-port on the drone so I can't get flight data that way. Can someone help me shed some light on what...
  2. S

    Sad day of the flipping Phantom

    Yesterday I took my drone out with my usual giddy excitement and placed it on my newly-laid patio. Spun those props on like a whimsical child, thinking of all the wondrous joy I would shortly be having as my drone ascended into the heavens. I calibrated my compass, waited for the friendly wink...
  3. A

    Phantom 4 pro weaker gimbal than previous models?

    I did alll calibrations you can think of. More and more people are starting to complain about this issue. Some have send it back for repairs, but even after that DJI did not fix the issue. Some say its normal, but the older drones handle it all perfect in some wind conditions. They say the p4p...
  4. patman561

    Drone Hits Power Line (Phantom 3 Pro)

    Completely amazed that my drone did a 360 degree flip after hitting a power line and did not crash to the ground. How is this possible? Has anyone else ever had their Phantom upside down without crashing?
  5. Tecnocato

    How to flip roll and tilt to Zenmuse H3-3D/H4-3D?

    I want to experiment using the Zenmuse H3-3D/H4-3D with a Sony Action Cam. I have done this with other gimbals and the challenge is to invert the behavior of the roll and pitch axis. Why? The cameras point in different direction when seated on the GoPro mount and there is no Sony 3D gimbal for...
  6. TheloniousMac

    Issue with Hand Launching / Catching Phantom 4?

    So, I've just done my maiden flight and I'm so used to hand launching on the Phantom 3 I instinctively did it with the Phantom 4 despite how "slippery" it is comparatively. Unfortunately I chickened out twice as the motor on the corner I was holding was throttling way faster than the other...
  7. T

    Flipping on take off

    Hey guys! I am having an issue with my vision 2 plus... On takeoff my copter is flipping, I have noticed that it flips toward the rear left rotor, or the front right rotor. I have not taken it apart or anything. The problem emerged two weeks ago, I was using it for wedding videography of the...
  8. W

    Near flip over at low hover - less than one ft.

    I have little experience, so I clearly learned a lesson today. At a very low hover, less than one foot (trying to practice), twice I nearly flipped, and struck my prop against the ground long enough to get a warning (motor obstruction) on my display. I have no visible damage to the P3, props...