flight record

  1. Chuck1906

    Cached Local Files - Go App

    This morning I was getting a failed sync when I tried to save my flight records to the cloud. Once I cleared the cache, I hit sync again and it was successful. Now that I know how to locate my Flight Records on the Crystal Sky in the Internal Memory, is there a way I can locate the files that I...
  2. Chuck1906

    Missing Flight Records…Crystal Sky - Go App.

    I did some flying on December 7th and I flew two batteries that day. When I pulled up the flight records in the Go App on my C.S., I am only seeing the flight from the one battery and not the other. How can this be? I have been using the DJI feature to sync my flight records to the cloud right...
  3. Ing Zimmerman

    Litchi Log Records (Heading)?

    Hi All. Presently using Litchi with DJI Phantom 3 Pro. I am trying to sync the litchi flight record to an RaceRender object that relates to compass or heading. But I can't find any relation to heading in the .CSV file produced by Litchi anyone has any ideas? Thanks for your time and help. Ing
  4. H

    Flight Record avatar

    When I look at my Flight Record, I get an avatar in the top left corner. Any idea how I can change that? Thanks,