flight modes

  1. Juergen B

    MavickPro to Phantom 4 Trickle Down Features?

    So I watched the launch event. My question is if we can expect any of the tech announced for the Mavick to trickle down to the Phantom: Do you all think that the new flight modes announced for the MavicPro will trickle down / also be supported for the Phantom4? Focus Mode Tripod Mode Terrain...
  2. Angus Macsac

    RELOADED - Point Of Interest (POI) Mode Instructional Video

    VIDEO RELOADED (wouldn't ya know it!, started youtube upload and went away, come back this morning and see it stuck at 10% LOL Link should work now) Thought I'd try an instructional video - this one's using POI (Point Of Interest) built-in mode/function on the DJI app using my Phantom 3 Advanced.
  3. Deep6

    P3P software updates, will they include new flight modes like the P4 has?

    On the surface it looks like some of the new features of the P4 may just be software based and could be applied to the P3P. Does DJI have a history of adding flight modes to "older" products with future software updates? Why couldn't the follow me object tracking work with the P3? Or the...