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  1. P

    Beta Test Opportunity

    Hi everyone! Happy New Years! Over the last year, my partners and I have been working with many drone operators and gathered cool flight insights. We've built an app which allows you to plan and manage your flight better, with real-time hazard warnings and many more useful features that will...
  2. N

    Suggestions for Photogrammetry Capture App (certain reqs)?

    Howdy, I've been struggling to find a capture app that fits my needs for photogrammetry. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Features I need include: * Distance from ground setting in mission planner (ie. takes topography of uneven terrain into account) * Mission planner that allows...
  3. A

    Help identifying missing components from my P4 circuit board.

    If anyone has a P4 flight control board lying around and a multimeter, can I please get some help identifying these small components that are missing from my board? What's the resistance (ohms) measured across either side of these components? Or are they a capacitor???
  4. N

    Phantom 3 pro flight controller

    exactly what flight controller is in the phantom 3 pro???? thx
  5. J

    Broken P2 at a loss

    Hi, I crashed my P2 from approximately 60 foot. The battery died towards the end of a flight. It hit so hard it knocked several components off the main board. I started by replacing the main board. However once powered up it just beeps Motor 1 and Motor 2 flash red lights Motor 3 and Motor 4...
  6. D

    WTB - P2 Flight Controller with v3.08 (or older)

    Title says it all. If you have one, please let me know! Thanks!
  7. Auto Flight

    Auto Flight 2.0 System

    Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Archuleta and I'm the creator of the Auto Flight 2.0 Flight System....please check out our product at: https://igg.me/at/autoflight/x/13658683 If you have any questions about our new product please message me here on Phantom Pilots and I will get back to you...