flex cable

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    Cant find specific flex cable online, that is inside the camera (P4 Advanced)

    Can't find this specific flex cable anywhere online yo buy it. It's one out of the three that are found inside the camera household (case) its part number is: P02076.04 KW1743
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    Gimbal won't stabilize, motor overload error

    My gimbal is acting weird after a crash. The yaw arm was cracked and I replaced it with one I got online. When I turn the drone on it goes through it's normal routine and seems to level off and center pretty well but once it finishes the yaw twitches back and forth and the "gimbal motor...
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    Replacing adhesive on flex ribbon

    I recently replaced my flex ribbon on the gimble for my P3A. The issue is that I had to reseat it several times that the adhesive is not holding at all anymore. I am looking for an alternative to re-secure the ribbon to the gimble arm. I have looked at clear silicone for electronics, 3M...
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    DJI Phantom 4 - NO IMAGE - Probably a flex cable issue [VIDEO]

    Here's the issue i'm having with the Phantom 4: . . 3rd of April 2017 - I'm out on a remote island shooting... . I was halfway around the island when my feed went blank... Praise the Almighty, the RTH worked and a thousand intense heart beats later, the drone was back in sight... . However the...