firmware update 1.08.0080

  1. ghostpeak

    Possible fix for RC SIGNAL LOST after 1.8 Update

    Having a very similar issue to some others on here with my P3A. Upgraded to 1.8 on the getting RC signal Lost on DJI Go App. The symptoms mine was showing are as follows: - RC SIGNAL LOST on app. - Log file confirms 1.8 was installed on Aircraft. - No method will upgrade the RC...
  2. P

    P3 Firmware Did the Bin file for fw 1.08.0080 change recently?

    I downloaded the latest update (v1.08.0080) for Phantom 3 advanced on 4/11/2016. When I extract the bin file it has a file size of 64,544kb. I thought about installing that fw update today, and decided to re-download the update, and the extracted bin file size is now 61,143kb. Was there a...