firmware problem

  1. VFA22Bonefish

    Help! DJI Go app incorrectly identifies my P4 as an Inspire

    I need help, anyone else here using an Android tablet with the problem of the DJI GO app not seeing through the camera at startup? I did, and decided to update my P4's firmware through the DJI GO app as recommended by DJI. Long story short, I updated the firmware, and now the app will not...
  2. D

    Cannot update Firmware on Controller

    Firmware update . . . need help! I was able to upgrade the firmware on my P3P aircraft and batteries. However, when I try to update my controller...nothing. I've tried both having the Micro-SD card in the aircraft and using my USB to Microport cable...nothing. Tried putting the SD...
  3. F

    Camera recording to sd card problem

    Hi all, I upgraded the RC and A/C firmware this morning to 1.6.0 and 1.8.80 with app current at 2.7.1 with iPad mini2. I then tested the upgrade and everything seemed fine, flying and stability all good with full telemetry and good vision. What I should have done was taken a few test pictures...