Camera recording to sd card problem

Feb 7, 2016
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Hi all,
I upgraded the RC and A/C firmware this morning to 1.6.0 and 1.8.80 with app current at 2.7.1 with iPad mini2. I then tested the upgrade and everything seemed fine, flying and stability all good with full telemetry and good vision. What I should have done was taken a few test pictures and video, because when I arrived on site and got airborne ready to take the pictures and video it all went wrong.

When I pressed the shutter button it made the familiar click but the GO app didn't return to the camera view and instead it stayed on a black screen for about 5 seconds followed by the white DJI logo flashing up. I tried a few more times, no joy, and then with video....same thing, would make video start beep and look like it was recording on the app but would not record anything to the card.

Since returning home I have tried with a different card and still no good. Have even downgraded the firmware back one version on both,(no good) and then re-installed the latest versions again, same thing happening. The P3P has always been cased and i'm really careful when transporting it.

If anyone out there could give me an idea of what's happening it would be greatly appreciated. If I can't go back and get these pictures tomorrow I will have lost the job. Bad news.

Many thanks in advance and fingers crossed.

Wow, I hope he did. ;)

First thing to try is format the card with the app.

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Tried that already. And 3 other SD-Cards. I think it might be the Flex cable on the gimbal.
K, does it show you how much space you have left in the app?

So it seems like it would be a software glitch.
You have a pro?
Normally can you take pictures without the app running by using the buttons on the remote?

Does the format complete with out an error?
Load some non important stuff on the card, does the app show the correct empty space?
Format the card with the app, does the app show the new correct empty space?

What I'm getting at is the Phantom actually read and writing to the card.

Hey, I'm running out of ideas. :rolleyes:

I updated the formware using the SD Card, so I guess its not a software issue.
The Phantom both reads and writes to the SD during the update.
Yes, empty Space is correct.
Already tried to format, and it does that without errors.
Using remote button, triggers the same problem. Its like the gimbal reboots everytime I try to take a Picture or switch to videomode :-(
"The Phantom both reads and writes to the SD during the update."
Good evaluation ;)

Maybe the gimbal needs a reboot from a Drop Kick? :rolleyes:

Sorry its all I got left. ;)

My guess would be the Flex cable. I will try to replace it. If that doesnt help, I will look for another topboard.

Thanks for your help.

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