firmware 1.9.60

  1. LouisQc

    Advanced Firmware update has failed... but everything works.

    Hello! This is my first post. First of all, sorry about my poor english level. So, I did the update (bin file: P3S_FW_V01.09.0060). On my SD Card it is indicated Fail (txt file). However, the application update went smoothly and the update of the controller also. No warning at the opening...
  2. D

    Advanced Non responsive after latest firmware upgrades

    I have been using Litchi app for a while and decided to use the DJIGO app today. Says I needed the latest firmware for batteries, controller and the quad. Everything went well. TXT file shows all good. Now I start the DJI app and I get a warning about satelites are off, I'm disconnected and I...
  3. J

    P3 Firmware Firmware update on a new Phantom?

    Hi all, I'm new to this all. I have bought a Phantom 3 Pro and still didn't fly with it yet, just making sure I take all the necessary precautions. Everything is good, but I keep reading all about these firmware updates and I was wondering if I need to do these updates with a brand new out of...
  4. S

    Professional FW 1.9.6 upgrade prob.

    Hi all P3P bought last year - tried 1st fly today....: App v. 2.9.1 RC FW 1.5.80 (download of 1.6 is ok. - installatiion failed) - type is GL300B FW 1.9.6 failed x-times miserably. > LOG says: device #8 and #15 not detected. What more information do you need? Thanks for any hint. Best Alex.
  5. O

    HELP! Phantom 3 adv firmware update not working!!!

    We have been trying for several days to update the firmware on our new Phantom 3 Advanced to 1.9.60 with no success. Downloaded BIN file to SD card. Have tried different SD cards and reformatted SD cards. Have downloaded using Mac and Windows. Spoke with DJI tech support and they were not...
  6. trijeff

    Professional Phantom 3 Pro controller firmware version?

    I just upgraded my firmware on my DJI Phantom 3 Pro to Version 1.9.60, the Remote Controller is 1.6.0 is this correct I had problems upgrading the controller and wanted to know if I have the right firmware for my controller 1.6.0. Also, the App is 2.9.0. Thanks,