firmware 1.7.90

  1. Paul Schulze

    Cannot downgrade FW from 1.7.9 to anything older.

    I upgraded my PS3 to FW 1.8.10 and now bird will not fly more than 100m before going RTH. I was finally able to downgrade to 1.7.9 but no further. I keep getting "The current firmware does not support downgrade. Use a different version of firmware to downgrade the target version" in log text...
  2. G

    Signal Issue with possible Bad FW Download

    Note* I've had my drone since September and have not been able to fly further than 2500 ft or so. This distance has now been reduced to approx 900-1500ft since the new update. So I think that when I was downloading the new FW via the GO app there may have been an issue (roughly mid to end...
  3. Cameronb1

    Help! Range is terrible and flicks from full to no signal

    Hi all, Recently updated my Phantom 3 S to firmware 1.7.90 and i when to fly, and i can only get about 100 - 150 meters before the control signal cuts out. there is not much warning, as it drops from full to no bars instantly. Video feed is flawless. Before i upgraded i could get 1.2 km stable...
  4. respibob

    Patoka Lake Dam, Indiana

    Some pictures of the lake and dam in late November
  5. Cameronb1

    P3 Firmware How to downgrade Standard Firmware using the new go app? (FW 1.7.9 nightmare)

    Hi all, After upgrading my Phantom 3 Standard to 1.7.9 a few weeks ago, i took my phantom out of its case today as i finally had time to fly. I now have a range of about 80 meters :( thanks to the new firmware, and before i upgraded i could get to about 1.4 km with it (with Magic Range software...