file size

  1. Grotz

    Video size is different on the same day

    Phantom 3 Standard. I flew three flights on the same day using the Auto settings. I took three videos each about the same length of time. The first two were about 2 gigs and the third was not even one gig of data which made that video very poor quality. Question: what could have changed, or why...
  2. frehr

    JPG vs RAW image sizes in pixels

    Hi all When I use Windows explorer and look at the properties on a DNGfile vs a JGPfil the DNGfile only says that it is 960x720 pixels. The JPG says 4000x3000 When I drag the DNG/RAW over in Lightroom the file is 3992x2992 px long. Does that mean that windows only shows me the size of a preview?
  3. Skyler King III

    I think I'm full of DUMB questions but I'm new at this (File size reduction)

    Yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Well I went house shopping and took videos with my P4 of there (hopefully) new place. There are two files each about 4GB in size (.mov) Well....I took them so I could get my kids' impressions but my web site says it'll only take files of 15 MB or so...