field of view

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    P4P Lens Field of View

    From DJI user manual: FOV (Field of View) 84°, 8.8 mm (35 mm format equivalent: 24 mm) From image metadata: Field Of View : 73.7 deg DJI must state that 84º is diagonal FOV and 73.7º is Horizontal Field of View. Also from user manual: 3:2 Aspect Ratio: 5472×3648 4:3 Aspect...
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    P3S vs P3A Field of View - Not the same!

    I recently bought a P3S, and tried it out. I was surprised at how great the flight characteristics and gimbal were, but also at how terrible the range was - I was getting constant video cutouts and interference warnings at ~100m in wide open parkland in suburbia. I looked into firmware, antenna...