fell from sky

  1. Rayb27

    P4P Obsidian just fell from 270' with no warning - Can anyone with Flightlog?

    My Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian just fell out of the sky at 270' with no warning. Is there anyone that can help me understnad why? I was flying in a park with about 3 mph winds or less and it just lost connection and fell. Thanks in advance!
  2. Z

    P3S fell in saltwater. Can I salvage at all?

    Hey everyone, This is my first time posting here so I apologize if I break any rules unintentionally. I was flying my drone over saltwater when it appears that one of the props flew off. I definitely didn't hit anything and I found it on shore away from the drone. I always go through and...
  3. B

    Phantom 3 Advanced fell over on landing

    Hey guys, so I just got my Phantom 3 a few days ago and I just took it out in some light to heavy winds for the first time. So I took off just fine but then the phantom started drifting crazily so I panicked and sent the phantom to the ground I wasn't thinking and tried to turn the motors off...
  4. C

    Drone Crash - Fell Out of Sky

    A surreal moment as I was bringing my P3 down to land, about 30 feet up it simply lost power and fell. Broken gimble, drone body...useless. No warnings prior. I've uploaded the log to healthydrones.com but I'm not really certain what I'm looking for. I can post links but there seems to be...
  5. RobVson

    P3advanced fell to death

    My beloved Spizzbittle crashed to earth yesterday and I implore your help, advice, skepticism or anything else that will help me fix my friend. I took my phantom up for the second flight in the same spot that day. Flights were approximately 8 hours apart. I did a thorough flight check, had a...