1. Rayb27

    Feet vs Meters / Fahrenheit vs Celsius

    I see most of the measurements detailed in “Meters” and “Celsius” in posts and articles. 1. Can the P4P be set to show Feet instead of Meter, and Fahrenheit instead of Celsius (if temp is displayed anywhere) on the display of choice. iPad mini in this case... 2. Do I need to learn the...
  2. D

    Flight in Beaver Valley, WA

    This is a flight I did above Beaver Valley in WA. It was above 400ft by a long run (1000ft) but there is no air traffic in this area. Also 400ft limit is a recommendation? One of the photos I edited the lightning but thats it. Any recommendations?
  3. P

    Shell replacement....but where are the feet?

    I just replaced my Phantom 3 Pro shell and for the most part, everything went very well. I ordered the replacement shell from Amazon and it included the landing gear, but the landing gear did not include the black feet. I have tried to remove the old ones from the original landing gear, but...