1. We Talk UAV

    DJI Goggles Vs. Fatshark HD3-Which Works Best?

    Consider the side by side comparisons between the new DJI Goggles and the Fatshark HD3. Comfort, screen size and most importantly, price. Fatshark has been around and has products well loved in the drone community. How do these two match up?
  2. R

    Vortex 250 FPV quad +remote+goggles $500

    Vortex 250. Graupner MC12 Fatshark dom2's
  3. D

    FatShark FPV Goggle Setup

    I'm a bit confused about adding FatShark Dominator goggles to my Phantom 4 Pro. I know that the HDMI module is necessary, but do I also need to add the receiver module as well? I'm assuming no, but I want to make sure. Thanks!
  4. UrbanVoyager

    HDMI Output Not Working After Latest Firmware Update

    Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  5. We Talk UAV

    Drone Headset: VR or FPV?

    They come in all sizes and features. Fatshark makes one. So does Spectrum. For those not familiar with the FPV product, goggles are considered an upgrade due to a more immersive view that is unaffected by sunlight. Even those who have shortsightedness can use the goggles provided that they can...
  6. BrickCreator

    Phantom 2 V2.0 w/FPV Kit Price Drop

    I'm somewhat new to the forum but have been a phantom pilot for over 2 years now. Alas, all good things must come to an end and I am ready to move on from my DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 I purchased a while back. I recently received a Private Pilot's License as well as a UAV operator's license and am...
  7. C

    Selling P2 FPV Parts

    I am selling DJI Phantom 2 FPV kit for cheap on eBay. Everything works perfectly. Please check it out. FPV Kit for Phantom 2
  8. W

    Phantom 3 Standard w/ Fatshark Teleporter V5 ???

    Hello all... I'm new here, in fact this is my first post... I've looked at lots of the posts here and am not finding any good definitive posts about FPV with the Phantom 3 Standard... most refer to using an HDMI, etc... I might have just missed it... Has anyone tried the P3S with a FatShark...
  9. M

    Powering a Fatshark TX on P2 V2.0 - which option to go?

    Hi there, I just watched (at least) two dozen of video tuts on how to attach a Fatshark video transmitter to the Phantom 2 - and all of them are grabbing the power from that pre-installed 4-wire cable. However, according to the P2 manual, this cable does only provide 5V (with max 2A), whereas...
  10. OrderFromChaos

    FatShark Dominators Arrived

    My FatShark Dominators just arrived today. I'm stoked to fly with them. I'm heading over to a friend's shop after work. It's a nice big, tall indoor garage without a lot of obstructions.
  11. O

    Fatshark Dominator v3 Glasses

    So I just received my Dominator FPV glasses and was wondering if someone could point out if I am missing something. Unfortunately its raining so all I could do was to start up inside and look through them. Unless there is something I am missing I must admit I am thoroughly unimpressed. It...
  12. M

    Lost Video Feed after Update

    Phantom 2 Zenmuse H3-3D GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Fatshark Terminator V2 and 5.8GHz transmitter I kept getting prompted to update the Hero. After, I'd power up the craft and the lcd on the Hero only recognized the usb as a power source. Did a factory reset to (hopefully) void the upgrade but to no...
  13. D

    Black Pearl flickering - advice & help needed

    Hi All, Here is a link to a short video on the flickering I'm getting on a new FPV setup. The kit I have is: Phantom 1 with the upgrade kit PCB installed Fatshark 5G8 video TX - 250mw Black Pearl FPV monitor GoPro Hero 3 cam H3-2D gimbal Dropbox - Phantom 1 FPV problem.MOV If anyone can help...
  14. Rrotz

    FPV Goggles for P3 with HDMI Module

    I did a search and read up on some of the HDMI module problems but I'm looking for a set of FPV goggles or glasses like the Epson's for both the P3 and Inspire 1 and maybe other purposes like travelling. I want a field monitor for clients and found some DIY's for a Lilliput and also want to use...
  15. jcampen

    Ph3 RC HDMI Module output to "HDMI to A/V Conversion Module RCD3015" problem

    The other day I installed the new Phantom 3 RC HDMI module on both our Ph3Pro's. It is all working fine when I plug it into my HDMI monitor and I get a FPV view with overlay OSD as it should do on the HDMI monitor and as well as the normal App live view and display in my iPad mini and androids...