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    drone fan

    hi i am Jack and i am new here and i am from Germany and i just love drones. although i knew about drone planes and now the cameras have come they are just flawless. I know those have introduced a long time back but really you cant imagine guys i just got to know about drone cameras about 2...
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    Phantom 3 Gimbal Fan

    I have 99 Phantom 3 Gimbal fans for sale if yours is broken or missing a blade. A blade of mine broke off when I crashed and it was nearly impossible to find a replacement. I had to buy 100 of them to get one for me. Phantom 3 Pro Gimbal Fan | eBay
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    **Wanted** Phantom 3 Professionals 4k Broken Gimbal OR RX/VPS *FAN*

    If anybody out there has a broken p3p gimbal will you PLEASE sell me the little fan??? I don't need the whole Camera, just the fan.. (if it works & works quietly) OR I'll buy the Rx/VPS Fan!? I am desperately looking for a replacement but cannot find one... I did manage to find them from a...
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    Professional Gimble cooling fan loose... Advice please?

    I'm flying a P3 Pro and noticed that the little cooling fan on top of the camera gimble has come loose. I feel like it should probably be reattached but am not sure how far to tear it apart or what screws to use. I've attached a couple images for reference. The drone still flies great and the...
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    Professional Gimbal Fan Noise

    Had my P3P recased few weeks back in NY at the DJI certified repair shop. Took a god awful long time and I don't want to send it back, but i got it back 1-2 weeks ago and haven't had a chance until today to start it up and put it in the sky again. I flew it but didn't notice any issues. When i...
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    Where to buy a replacement for the gimbal fan

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum, so please be mercyful in case I should do anything wrong :) Unfortunately, I recently crashed my phantom 3 professional. The camera gimbal took the most severe damage, I had to install a new flex cable and glue parts of the motor housings back together. It...