1. Raggitash

    How often do fall and flyaways really happen?

    Lads and Lassies Am wonderin if any ave yeas ha put some stats together regardin Falls, Failures and Flyaways? An affy lot oh threads suggestin it happens maer than ah wid like tae consider. How many ave yeas hae this happened tae? and how often. Micht make fer interestin readin if...
  2. rickray

    P3P drops from sky into Mississippi flood, flood wins

    ......but what happened? Never a hint of a problem, and a great trouble free craft for 26 consecutive flights. Normal successful calibration, normal startup, aircraft "safe to fly", GPS lock, takeoff, no significant weather to speak off. Flight was at about 20 ft off ground and moving forward...
  3. L

    First P3P fall experience

    After a few flghts I felt safe to remove the propeller guards, mostly because I was thinking of flight high altitudes, however I decided to fligh on my yard. I was on atti mode, didn't realize the wind was interfering and moved my phantom towards my neighboor's house, at this point I panic and...
  4. wdejager

    Fall colors: autumn foliage, as seen by a drone

    Filmed with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, in a municipal park near The Hague, the Netherlands.
  5. 0

    Colors of Fall

    Alpine Loop 20 miles through American Fork Canyon With great views of Mount Timpanogos and other peaks located in Utah, went and saw the Cascading Springs all shot with a Dji Phantom 3 Professional shot in 1080p.
  6. N

    Sudden rapid descent, still have control

    Began having the following problem with my P2V, 3 axis Zenmuse gimbal, GoPro3: After flying just fine for 2-3 minutes, the Phantom begins to lose height, eventually hitting the ground. During this unexplained descent, I still have full control of yaw, pitch, and roll; just won't hold height or...
  7. Ankur Agarwal

    Crashed into wall at 20km/hr within 18 hours of arrival ! Video

    Hey guys, Well, after trying my hands off on syma 5c ( yh lol ) over a month, I decided to just go ahead for p3 pro.. Well this was my 2nd flight, and without trying to understand the machine, I decided to act like wannabie pro... (confession) And guess what? here's the video! The aircraft...