1. Daskid

    Fake / Counterfeit Battery?

    I need help fellas. I recently bought P4 batteries from an ebay seller and received them today. I noticed on the warnings on the battery that the word "flight" is mispelled as "fliget". I checked my original high capacity battery, and it does say "flight". Also, when charging the batteries...
  2. Cabunag60

    How fast will battery voltage drop if Phantom is just idle

    Can someone tell me how fast will the voltage drop on the battery be if the phantom is just turned on idle, my one drops, my one drops from 100% to 97% after a couple of mins. 10 Mins its at 94% 20Mins its at 92% 30 Mins its at 89% Is that normal the battery is heating up by then
  3. Bugsbunnyheli

    Powerextra batteries on Amazon have you used one?

    Amazon seems to be selling them so somebody has to be buying them. My question is who is using one. Not the I heard from a friend's friend story. In my case I have been into quads since 2013 and have only used dji batteries. I just wonder if they fake or not usable why is Amazon selling them?