failsafe mode

  1. ffvdiaz

    T15 with Naza M dropped out of the sky!!!!!

    Yesterday I was flying my T15 Octo with a Naza M controller around my local flying field trying to find a downed airplane that got lost on Sunday. I was using my Gopro Hero 3 as an FPV camera under goggles. The area is swampy and is covered in very high grass; I flew out to the area at about...
  2. D

    Home lock v Failsafe

    I was wondering . In Naza mode if you couldnot tell orientation of quadcopter , could you bring it home in both homelock or failsafe .? Why would you use one over the other ? Also if you use home lock is it like a follow me home , whereas if you walk with the RC it will follow ? . Thanks
  3. Q

    Confused about Failsafe "20 meter radius"

    My P3 is being delivered on Wednesday but I'm taken advice I've seen on this forum and have read the manual a couple times already. However, there is one paragraph that I can't wrap my head around regarding the fail safe. The grammar ain't perfect... But I don't think that's the only thing...
  4. Albert D

    P3P Way Point End of Mission RTH Tested and Verified

    I actually posted this info in a different forum and was asked to post it here also. After reading much discussion and speculation, I decided to do some real time testing with Way point and Orbit missions to verify exactly what happens at the end of missions when battery gets low. I conducted...
  5. D

    Sudden battery failure

    Started a flight with battery fully charged. After about 2 minutes flying, the "battery critically low" warning sounded. Went into "return to home" mode but instead of flying to above the takeoff point before landing, the bird descended right where it was, encountering trees with catastrophic...